Helps You Quit Alcohol Permanently Or For Whatever Period You Decide On




Would you have an even better and safer life if you could feel very good without drinking any alcohol for a month, a year, or permanently? If you want to quit Alcohol completely this Program is for you, but if what you want is moderation and control go to

There is now a Treatment for Alcohol that enables people to feel much better, to become healthy and strong, to have a better quality of life and standard of living, and to completely stop alcohol for a month, a year or permanently. This treatment is practical and possible! This Alcohol Blocking/Mental Health Building program minimises relapse and if a relapse does occur this program enables you to recover within a few days.

But if what you really want is Moderation in and Strong Control of your drinking without completely stopping Alcohol then go to

The Baclofen Option

Show your Doctor this Alcohol Control Program and ask them for a prescription for Baclofen 100 tablets with repeats. You may also want Diazepam 25 tablets and Mirtazapine 30 tablets. These tablets can also be ordered at where they are usually more affordable.

Baclofen 25mgm 100 tabs Take 1/4 of a Baclofen tablet morning and afternoon on the first day, then 1/2 a tablet morning and afternoon for 2 days. Then increase your dose slowly at the right dose for you. Baclofen will stop your craving. Try to drink less and less Alcohol each day without causing yourself too much discomfort.
Diazepam 5mgm 25 tabs Take 1 tablet 3 times per 24 hours only if needed at the start of the Program. This may not be necessary as Baclofen also has a calming effect.
Mirtazapine 30 mgm 30 tabs Take 1/2 or 1 tablet an hour before bed to help with sleep, anxiety and depression. The maximum dose is 2 tablets.
Then increase the dose of Baclofen as tolerated and needed every 3 days.

Increase to 1 tablet twice per day then 1 tablet 3 times per day.

Then 2 tablets twice per day then 2 tablets 3 times per day. Keep increasing until you get the control over Alcohol that you want. Consult your Doctor regularly and do not take more than 6 Baclofen tablets per day without talking to them about it.

If you get nausea, vomiting or diarrhea reduce or stop the Baclofen for a day or two. Then start again and increase more slowly.

Once your Alcohol problem has been well controlled for 2 or 3 months you may be able to reduce the number of Baclofen tablets but keep taking some Baclofen every day for at least 2 years.

If you get unacceptable side effects or do not get the Alcohol control that you want, try the Naltrexone Option.


The Naltrexone Option

Show your Doctor this Alcohol Control Program and ask them for a prescription for as many Naltrexone tablets as you can afford with repeats. 30 tablets would be best but 10 is enough to get started. You may also want 50 Diazepam tablets and 30 Mirtazapine tablets. These tablets can also be ordered at where they are usually more affordable.

Naltrexone 50mgm 10 tabs Put 2 x 50mgm Naltrexone tablets in a liter bottle of water, let them soak for 2+ hours then shake well. Then, whether or not you have had food or alcohol, shake the bottle and drink 10mls of this Naltrexone Mixture every 4 hours for the first 2 days.
Diazepam 5mgm 50 tabs Take 1 or 2 tablets 3 times per day if needed for anxiety at the start of the Program.
Mirtazapine 45mgm 30 tabs Take 1/4 or 1/2 or 1 tablet an hour before bed to help with sleep, anxiety and depression. The maximum dose is 1½ tablets.
On the 3rd and 4th days shake the bottle and drink 15mls every 4 hours. On the 5th and 6th days switch to 50mls morning and afternon and then if needed increase to 60mls morning and afternoon.

Then if needed you can try taking 70mls morning and afternoon, which will give you 14mgm of Naltrexone per day. If needed, increase by 20mls of mixture every second day until you get the result you want. Most people need between 10 and 75mgms of Naltrexone per day.

If it is more convenient when taking higher doses put 4 Naltrexone tablets in each liter bottle and take only 1/2 as many mls of the mixture. You may then decide to put 6 tablets in each liter of water and take a smaller number of mls of the mixture.

If you get side effects or do not get control over your alcohol consumption, try the Baclofen Option. If necessary start with whichever of those 2 medications works best then add some of the other medication as well.

If you have had Opiates in the previous 5 days, only take 5mls of the Naltrexone mixture every 4 hours on the first day. Naltrexone does not cause Rapid Detox with Alcohol. You can take Naltrexone while drinking Alcohol or drink Alcohol while taking Naltrexone. Never stop taking Naltrexone or Baclofen regardless of whether or not you are still drinking Alcohol. You only need to mix the Naltrexone tablets in water because the 50mgm tablets are too strong and too hard to break or cut into small doses. The Baclofen tablets are lower dose and easier to cut so you don’t need to make them into a mixture.

Keep getting and taking the Baclofen or Naltrexone as needed for at least 2 years. Order more tablets well in advance or arrange a regular repeat order so that you don’t run out and relapse. For several years always carry a few tablets in your wallet or purse and in your vehicle to take immediately if you are ever tempted to drink Alcohol.

The Baclofen Story

Baclofen’s main use in the past was for muscle spasm. It was first discovered in the 1920’s. In the late 1990’s a Paraplegic man suffering from Cocaine addiction was given Baclofen for his muscle spasms and as well as fixing his muscle spasms the Baclofen stopped his craving for and use of Cocaine. In 2000 this was reported in the New York Times and a famous French American Cardiologist who was a severe Alcoholic read about it and tried Baclofen. This treatment stopped his Alcoholic craving and drinking.

The Cardiologist, Dr Olivier Ameisen, had previously been to rehab 3 times, had attended over 5000 AA meetings and had conscientiously tried every treatment for Alcoholism available through his medical knowledge and many medical connections. Nothing had worked for him and and each time, within a day of leaving rehab, he relapsed. After his Baclofen treatment for Alcoholism he wrote his book “The End of My Addiction” which we strongly recommend, along with the book “Sober for Good” and the e-book “Beating Alcohol“. Google Dr Olivier Ameisen to see him and hear him speak.

If your Doctor doesn’t treat Alcoholism with Baclofen, ask some local Pharmacists for information about any Doctors in your area they know of who do prescribe Baclofen for Alcoholism. Then consult a Baclofen-prescribing Doctor they recommend, discuss your suitability for Baclofen treatment, assess how much experience with Alcoholism and Baclofen the Doctor has had, and their interest in helping you. Then ask them to prescribe 100 Baclofen 25 mgm tablets, 25 Diazepam 5 mgm and 30 Mirtazapine 45mgm tablets.

If you are not confident about the first Doctor ask around and then consult another Doctor. When you have found a suitable Doctor get the prescriptions from them. Check out the local pharmacies, and you may also go to for prices.

Baclofen has a long safe history of use for muscle spasms but as treatment for Alcoholism it has only been used for 12 years, although it’s use in treating Alcoholics and Alcoholism is spreading Globally rapidly. The summary below of how I found Baclofen worked best with my Alcoholic patients may help you, whether or not you are able to find a suitable Doctor to advise you.

Some of my patients achieved comfortable total abstinence from Alcohol with 1 Baclofen 25mgm tablet per day, but most needed 3 to 8 tablets per day. People vary in weight, sensitivity and rate of metabolism, which results in great variations in their Ideal Doses of Baclofen. You have to find your own Ideal or Best Doses and Dosing Times by trial and error. Dr Ameisen needed 11 tablets per day at first but later only needed 5 tablets per day. No Doctor can tell you exactly how much Baclofen you need but there is no danger if you keep gradually increasing your dose and taking it at different times until you get it the best results by trial and error. Baclofen is not addictive or dangerous.

The Naltrexone Story

Naltrexone was registered by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA in 1984 and is now used all over the world for Alcoholism and Opiate Addiction. Naltrexone works by competing with Alcohol to occupy the Brain’s Alcohol Receptors through which Alcohol exerts its effects on the Brain. When Naltrexone occupies the Alcohol Receptors it satisfies the Receptors, stops the craving for Alcohol and blocks out Alcohol for 12 to 24 hours. People on the right doses of Naltrexone often say they don’t crave for, think about or dream about Alcohol. However if the dose of Naltrexone is too high it may also block the Immune System production of natural “Opiates” – the Endorphins. It may also cause side effects such as restlessness, anxiety and insomnia. Excessive doses of Naltrexone can also cause nausea and diarrhea.

Because people vary so much in size, sensitivity and rate of metabolism a person’s Ideal or Best Dose of Naltrexone may be as little as 5mgms or as much as 75mgms. The dose of Naltrexone recommended by the manufacturers, the only size tablet they have made, and the dose prescribed by nearly all Doctors, has always been 50mgms. But 50 mgms is too much for most people and gives them side effects, and is not enough for a few people and gives them poor results.

Not even your Doctor can tell you exactly what your best or ideal dose of Naltrexone will be. To get the best result you have to use trial and error to find out for yourself what your Personal Best or Ideal Doses and dosing times are. Do you need 10, 20 or 40mgms when you wake in the morning and another 10, 20 or 30mgm in the afternoon? Or would 5,10 or 20mgm before you leave work at 5.00 pm be enough for you? Did you need 40mgm when you first started but now need less?

Unfortunately at present many people get doses that are too large and then say “I can’t take it.” A few get doses that are too small and then say “It doesn’t work”. It is not difficult to get your doses and times right once you know how to do it and when you do get it right you usually get excellent results with minimal side effects at a minimal cost.

I have developed a simple, quick, low cost way for my patients to find their own Personal Best or Ideal Doses of Naltrexone. You start in the morning by dropping two 50mgm Naltrexone tablets into a liter bottle of water to soften. Then 2+ hours later, even if you are still drinking Alcohol, you shake the bottle to dissolve the softened tablets and drink 10mls of the mixture (1mgm of Naltrexone). Then every 4 hours for 2 days, except during the night if you are asleep, you shake the bottle and drink another 10mls of mixture. If necessary take Diazepam in the day and Mirtazapine at night – sleep is important when detoxing. You reduce then stop drinking Alcohol as quickly as you can without distressing yourself. Even if you are still drinking try very hard never to miss any doses of Naltrexone until your Alcohol problem is well under control.

On the 3rd and 4th days take Diazepam and Mirtazapine if needed, shake the bottle and drink 15mls of the Naltrexone mixture every 4 hours = 75mls of mixture which is 7.5mgm of Naltrexone per 24 hours.

On the 5th and 6th days change to twice daily dosing, drinking 50mls of Naltrexone mixture morning and afternoon = 100mls of mixture and 10mgms of Naltrexone per 24 hours. Take your doses at the times when they seem to work best and when you are least likely to forget to take them.

On the 7th and 8th days take 2 doses of 60mls of mixture = 12mgms of Naltrexone. Then just keep increasing the Naltrexone doses until you are securely Alcohol free – increase the doses faster or slower if you prefer and everything is going well. When the first liter of mixture is finished put 4 Naltrexone tablets in the second bottle and take 1/2 as many mls.

If at any stage nausea or diarrhea develop reduce your doses of Naltrexone by 50% until those side effects fade, then slowly increase your doses again. But never stop taking at least some Naltrexone every day, whether or not you have been able to stop drinking Alcohol. When you reach a dose of Naltrexone that gives you complete abstinence from Alcohol, continue for at least 2 years, very very slowly reducing the dose. Also take any other medications that your Doctor and Psychologist advise. If at all possible have both a Doctor and a Counselor. Visit regularly and do a checklist to check on your Mental Distresses and Malfunctions, your scores and what other medications may help you.

Follow Up

After 2 years most people can safely reduce their Mental Health Assessments to monthly and slowly wean off Baclofen or Naltrexone but you need to be organized to go straight back onto the medications if there is ever any risk of relapse and onto weekly Mental Health Assessments if ever you feel distressed. If you do ever relapse jump straight back onto the medications and other treatments and the weekly Mental Health Assessments as soon as possible.

Always carry a few Baclofen or Naltrexone tablets in your vehicle and in your wallet or purse wherever you go and chew then suck doses if you are ever in danger of relapse or if you are going into a potentially risky situation where you could be tempted to drink.